Our annual CJA seminar is online this year (GoToWebinar), live on October 28 9AM - 4:00PM. The event qualifies for your ongoing CJA obligation. Presentations this year include a judge's panel regarding The "New Normal" in SDOH, Navigating Social Media, Primary vs. Secondary Custody – Why It Matters At Sentencing and Beyond, Sixth Circuit case update and First Step Act and Earned Time Credits in the BOP. 


2022 Virtual CJA Federal Criminal Practice Seminar

2022 Agenda
Welcome and Judge’s Panel – The “New Normal” in SDOH
Presented by:
Chief Judge Algenon L. Marbley, Judge Michael H. Watson, Judge Susan J. Dlott, Judge Michael J. Newman, Mag. Judge Peter B. Silvain Jr, Mag. Judge Caroline H. Gentry
Navigating Social Media
Presented by:
Dumaka Shabazz, Asst. Federal Public Defender, Nashville, Tennessee
First Step Act and Earned Time Credits in the BOP
Presented by:
Patricia Richman, National Sentencing Resource Counsel Attorney, Phoenix, AZ/Greenbelt, Maryland
Defense Opportunities from the Victory Newsletter
Presented by:
Dan Siegel
Getting Paid in the SDOH
Presented by:
Mary Rogers, SDOH CJA Specialist, Cincinnati, Ohio
Case Updates: Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit
Presented by:
Christian Grostic, Asst. Federal Public Defender, Cleveland, Ohio, Stacey MacDonald, Supervisory Asst. Federal Public Defender, Columbus, Ohio